Wanaka Farm (Team) AMA With The Community.

Akidi CM
16 min readNov 10, 2021


Wanaka farm community event (AMA) with the community attending the AMA will include CEO Truong Tran, CTO Thuan Nguyen, CPO Sang Nguyen and CMO CaKoin (Host).

Wanaka Farm

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Hi we will start the AMA in few seconds, Let me introduce to you guys our CEO Truong Tran, our CTO Thuan Nguyen, our CPO Sang Nguyen.

Sang Nguyen-CPO: Hi there.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Me Cakoin, the CMO of Wanaka Farm, I will host the AMA today.

Truong Tran-CEO: Hey guys, Nice to talk with you!

Thuan Nguyen-CTO: Hi there! I’m Thuan Nguyen CTO of Wanaka Farm nice to e-meeting.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): We have received many questions from you guys and will start to answer all the questions one by one now.

Questions From The Community.

Q1.Please ask the team if they intend to migrate the servers to Amazon AWS. The server is so laggy during specific time periods. Do they have a report or hosting team checking it during the lagging times? what are you going to do with the servers instability?

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Our CEO Truong Tran will answer for us this question.

Truong Tran-CEO: We are Aware of this problem in the first place, Wanaka team built the infrastructure on AWS. But the number of default-land players increased too quickly, requiring the game to be scaled up, while the architecture and infrastructure can not meet it yet. Wanaka is making every effort to reform software architecture and infrastructure with the support from Amazon AWS experts. We believe this problem will be solved soon.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Thank you, we will move to the next one

Q2. If I can leave a question here… I really want to know if you have been thinking about change the time you need to watering and feeding, because there will always be a moment when we obviously sleep and can’t play. Using an item to help us its very expensive, we have to use one of our harvested animal/plant to get one item, I think it’s to much.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): We’ve received a few suggestions about this. But now, to skip 1 watering or feeding, you can
create items in the production house, using it to help you skip 1 turn. Watering or feeding does not need to be exactly on time, and you can also log in at 2 transfer time frames.
However, it is also suggested that if an action takes too much time, the players will get bored, as well as it can affect their health. So we are considering changing or adding functions to perform actions faster.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next one

Q3. What is your position about transaction failures? Is there a really certain date for normalization of withdrawals and deposits?

Thuan Nguyen-CTO: Sure, the team is working with our partners to provide endpoints, as well as solutions with large transaction volumes, we aim to minimize errors in the transaction process.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next question.

Q4. Where is WANATRADE? This should have been released with the game to incentivize people to grow items/ trade/sell within the game.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): can you answer this question pls Sang Nguyen-CPO

Sang Nguyen-CPO: In fact, WanaTrade function had been completed before Beta version was released. But our development team recognized a few problems: data sorting, data loading, pagination, etc. Moreover, determining which items can be bought and sold on WanaTrade will also troubled the game economy. So in order not to make things too complicated in the early stages, the team had to temporarily disable the WanaTrade function. The good news is that WanaTrade is being re-implemented and open ASAP

CaKoin-CMO (Host): thank you, next one

Q5. How will you combat the fall of the token (burning mechanics) ?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: All functions in the current version are only the basic ones. According to new added functions, the WAI-burning mechanism will also change.
For example:
— WanaTrade function will need Wai, just like you pay taxes when selling. Also, Wai will also be the currency used in WanaTrade, as well as Wana.
— Events, mini games will also require Wai
— Upgrading the land level at major milestones (10,20…) will require a lot of Wai

In addition, we received a lot of comments about the Wai burn mechanism. There are some very good ideas such as renting more slots in land Default with Wai or paying a monthly fee depending on the number of plots owned…

CaKoin-CMO (Host): many have asked this question.

Q6. What is your biggest priority after fixing the servers? can you pls tell us about it Sang Nguyen-CPO:

Sang Nguyen-CPO: We prioritize modifying the software architecture to increase scalability as well as load capacity.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next one.

Q7. Did you expect this amount of users in the first week of the game? How many players were planned in the stress test and what is the real capacity of the servers?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: Initially, we only expected about 100k players to perform stress testing for 2 server clusters in Asia and America (50k players for each cluster) . But when opening the default land for people without land to join, it has led to overcrowding because the number of players doubles during peak hours.
(we hit a peak of 200k concurrent players)

CaKoin-CMO (Host):thank you, next one.

Q8. Is there an ETA for servers being stable?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: As announced, we expect it to take about 6 weeks, it can take less, or more depending on the problems encountered, but we are still trying to solve it as fast as possible because we know you guys are waiting.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Ok, one more question that mentioned many times

Q9. Will you apply oracle to the WAI rewards, not just to the WANA price when purchasing things?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: Many people have suggested using Oracle. We will do research on its compatibility with the current system, maybe not in the near future, but the research is already in the plan.

CaKoin-CMO (Host) Next one.

Q10. How does “Increased mutant rate” apply to the base chance? Is it an addition or a multiplication? Could we have the maths?

Sang Nguyen-CPO:

— Base Mutant Rate : 0.25% (Land common, land default)
— If Immortal has the increased mutant rate at 10%, then Mutant Rate will be 0.275%
— Every time you harvest 50 growing items of the same type, the mutation rate will double. That means, from the 51st growing item, the mutation rate of Land common for that growing item is 0.505%, and that rate of land Immortal is 0.55% (with Increased mutant rate is 10%). And from the 101st growing item the rate will be 1.01% and 1.1%
- Rate will be reset to Base Mutant Rate if mutant spawns

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next one.

You mentioned changing the daily quests, what are your ideas?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: In the near future the daily request will be updated to make it more diverse. For example, instead of submitting only cabbage, fish, or beef every day, each day may be different items such as: salad, Sludge, Fertilizer, Fodder, Earthworms, The Baner, The Huk… or a combination of them.
Later, after the weekly task system, mini games, in-game functions are diverse enough, your revenue will not be a daily request anymore, you will have to participate in more activities to get a reward.

CaKoin-CMO (Host)As far as renting land is concerned

Q11. Will many people be able to rent the same land? How would their plots be organized? What would be the method?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: At the moment, we expect that a land can only be rented by 1 person, but the person who owns or is renting the land can hire other people to do operations such as: farming, watering , feeding, harvesting… in case they don’t have enough energy.

CaKoin-CMO (Host) Next one.

Have you thought of any new ways to attract investing players?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: I think having a game play and a diversified economic model will be the attraction of Wanaka in the future. But for now we will need to handle the issues step by step carefully

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next one.

Will you add ways to reinvest for the default land owners?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: We are considering opening planting slot rent with Wai, and charging a monthly or weekly fee.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next one.

Q12. When will scholarships be available?

CaKoin-CMO (Host) I will answer to this question

At the moment, Scholarships are very possible, we’re working with some guilds for partnership after our big updates. We will discuss in detail, taking suggestions from guilds to expand the Wanaka ecosystem.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next one

Q13. Have you considered introducing a small WAI burn every week for those who hold NFT lands?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: This is an option that has been taken into account, the amount of Wai burn may depend on the number of plots of land the user owns (like a land tax), but putting it into practice will need a real careful consideration.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): What will happen to in game items? Will everything get paused, or will it be deleted?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: Those growing items won’t be deleted as they will continue to grow. When reopening the game, you just need to collect them. Don’t worry we will take care of them when the server shut down 🤗

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next one

Q14. The halloween event. How will this server shutdown affect it, and the rewards from it?

Sang Nguyen-CPO: Soul Chest would still exist in Treasure and be able to be opened normally
You still could craft Soul Chest if having enough Ingredient amount

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Last question about the gameplay.

Q15. What is meant by “limited features” after 1 week of server being closed ?

Sang Nguyen-CPO:
Basic functions include:
— Planting trees and vegetables, raising cows, adopting fishes
— Daily Quest System
— Breeding, Factory, WanaShop…
— Events (such as Halloween, Checkin) will not be added

CaKoin-CMO (Host) Thank you, next question.

Q16. What will happen to our item if we withdraw land when there are things planted. What will happen to assets while game is closed ?

CaKoin-CMO (Host): I will reply to this one

The growing items on land are required to be removed or collected before withdrawing the land.
The assets will all be preserved.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next question

Q17. When will transactions be returned? When will land deposits and token deposits be reenabled ?

Thuan Nguyen-CTO: Almost all of the error transactions have been returned to the wallet or into the game. Only the error transactions (which were withdrawn 5 days ago) are still being paid. After the token is returned we will continue to improve and reopen the deposit withdrawal function.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next question.

Q18. Will marketplace be closed during this server shutdown ?

Thuan Nguyen-CTO: No, it will still be working normally

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Next question.

Q19. Will we continue receiving updates regarding the game while it is down?

Thuan Nguyen-CTO: Absolutely, we will continuously update the status of error fixing as well as the progress of system updates to users.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): Yes we will absolutely update to you guys and if need we will keep doing ama, next question

Q20. Will there be any compensation for those who were unplayable while game closed?

CaKoin-CMO (Host): We are considering compensation for those affected when the game is closed and will have a specific announcement later.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): We have done all the collected questions frequently asked. now we will unmute the chat for 5 minutes to answer live some more question before go back to work.

please if you have any other question, feel free to drop

CaKoin-CMO (Host): many questions already lets mute the chat so we can start to answer some.

More Questions From The Community.

ZeD, [11/10/2021 10:50]
When will other different crops will be release? eg chicken sheep sunflower like we seen in the trailer?

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 10:57]
[In reply to ZeD]
all the crops mentioned have done already but we want the games to be stable first before adding more items

Da Chu, [11/10/2021 10:51]
Breed ratio is currently not reasonable, has the devs reconsidered this issue?

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:00]
[In reply to Da Chu]
if you have done all the waterings and feeding the rate will increase to 70%. We will have also items to craft to obtain the hight rate for breeding.

Aykut491, [11/10/2021 10:53]
Ca ‘ koin Play earn 125 million wanaka tokens in the game, but only wai tokens are earned?
Will Wanaka tokens be earned?

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:02]
[In reply to Aykut491]
Yes You will earn Wana also. Many minigames and competitions in future will be rewarded in Wana

MCP, [11/10/2021 10:53]
Why i never meet Cakoin in the lake ?? that’s frustating…

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:06]
[In reply to MCP]
cakoin appears randomly 30minutes a day as a bonus reward. You can considerate it as a bonus and dont need to check it each 30 mins

@yanyan911111, [11/10/2021 10:50]
[In reply to Sáng Nguyễn]
I would like to ask the meaning of the existence of advanced land. What is the difference between the mutation probability of 0.275% of immortal land and the mutation probability of 0.25 by default. Immortal land needs to be purchased for 10,000 US dollars, while the default land only needs tens of dollars, and then the probability of mutation There is no difference, I can compare it with immortal land just by buying ordinary land

Sáng Nguyễn, [11/10/2021 11:08]
[In reply to @yanyan911111]
The Mutation Rate will be based on each growing item. Therefore, growing a lot of items makes a big difference. Try to imagine that you can grow more than 200 slots at a time on your land, it will be such an advantage. Also, reducing the planting time to 20% of Immortal would be another huge advantage.

Matheus, [11/10/2021 10:54]
Am i able to Withdraw my land now, even with crops on it? im feeling like im being held captive on the game, i lost my faith in it and honestly i just want to move on, but the faulty system dont allow me to get my land back and put it in the marketplace.

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:09]
[In reply to Matheus]
Hi, you can not withdraw our land with crops on it. But if a must for you pls contact admin for support.

Denis Trade, [11/10/2021 10:54]
Hey! Why hasn’t Wai been coming to my wallet for several days already? What is the reason? I put all the available WAI on the withdrawal, but it never came

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:11]
[In reply to Denis Trade]
Wai missing from withdrawal’s errors are still in process of refund. You will have it in 24h.

Adryel Flauta, [11/10/2021 10:53]
Have you considered on setting it to a fixed price of WANA & WAI, instead of automatically adjusting it to their USD value? This will give more value to the token.

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:14]
[In reply to Adryel Flauta]
adjusting entry cost in USD will help new players to join the game. But we also have some special features in game fixed price in Wana or Wai only

Mr. Goldpfeil, [11/10/2021 10:52]
I would now when Raindrop will refunded who this who were in beta and alpha but dont get listed ‼️

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:16]
[In reply to Mr. Goldpfeil]
sure, we have to deal with unexpected issues that is why all the other rewards from events and raindrop have been postponed. We will distribute prizes right after all the issues fixed

D C, [11/10/2021 10:52]
1) Can we expect to hire farmers this year in order to work on our lands?
2) Do you have any plan on how to improve communication between Devs and community? Since we only get generic answers most of the time (for example: If we have a problem with transaction we dont know what is causing it or its there is any plan on how to solve it..We just get “Fill this form and wait”).
3) Are you planning implementing some sort of help desk where we can send our tickets (problems) and see the status(if its being resolve, closed, etc)

Note: Sorry if something is not well written.

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:18]
[In reply to D C]
We will implement a support system for a better service

Miguel, [11/10/2021 10:51]
You noticed many nft lands were transfered multiple times? what could be the reason?

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:21]
[In reply to Miguel]
that might be of land owner who have multi lands and want to split to multi acc to play because there is no rent land yet.

Aaron Bujalance, [11/10/2021 10:52]
It is imperative to know when scholarships will be implemented. We don’t particularly care if you’re making deals with big guilds to bring them in. We want to know when the game will be prepared for us to create our own scholarships. I have a small guild and obviously you will never approach me for this. I invested in two lands for the sake of that guild and I still don’t know when I will be able to use them.

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:24]
[In reply to Aaron Bujalance]
you know that we can login with email and acc. all the valuable items NFT will be traded outside the game, you have to withdraw those items. You need code to withdraw. so basically you can ask someone to play for you.

Pablitoog_, [11/10/2021 10:52]
You have over 120k people on this group, and you only hired 2 servers for 50k each? Why?

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:25]
[In reply to Carlos]
yes, but it’s our future plan

Jeisson, [11/10/2021 10:52]
Would you consider those who unlock all of their default land slots for a land sale whitelist in the future?

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:26]
[In reply to Jeisson]
we will have a system for whitelist people for next landsale.

CaKoin-CMO (Host): We just receive some more questions from other communities that we think that it’s important to let you know

Question: How about CEX listing and add more liquidity? When the game is offline, what will keep WANA price stable, and the investors dont want to rekt?!

pls can you answer this question Truong Tran-CEO:

Truong Tran-CEO: We have a top tier CEX listing in plan for this month but because of this incident, we will have to postpone it until major updates finished.
- We have added more Wana/USDT LP over KyberDMM DEx, FYI.
- WANA price is reflecting the situation at the moment but we believe once we done with the updates, $WANA will be back to its deserved value.

yu zhang, [11/10/2021 10:50]
I’m down $15,000, please hire a good economist to give advice on how the trade/burn systems should work. I’m going to hold and hope things gets fixed properly next launch. Restructure the whole entire system if you have to.

1. My idea to start fresh would be to get ride of “default land” completely and refund them back their WANA. Start with NFT land owners able to hire farmers and rent out 10 plot clusters at a time for WAI. This will get people to buy WAI to rent land and the synergy from them working the land, will gain more experience for the NFT Land owner to unlock more plots, thus expanding and allowing even more players to start the game and farm the land. This way NFT land owners really will benefit in owning land.

2. Rotate Seasons and make it meaningful to have 4 season land, right now everyone can grow anything so all land is equal, there is no value to lands with different seasons.

3. Create Animal Feed and Water bucket in the Shop that have example 10 uses and sell them for WAI to give more utility to WAI.

4. To make this truly a “Play-Relax-Earn” game like was advertised, reduce the amount of times things need to be feed and watered to only twice. The first time you plant it, and then a second time maybe at half the grow time, then that’s when you get the mutation chance also. Right now, people are stressing over keeping up watering plants and feeding animals. I have a job and am trying to figure out how to play this game around my sleep and work schedule, this don’t feel very relaxing and casual at the moment.

This is just my opinion on things, I hope things will improve.

Leo Ngo | Wanaka, [11/10/2021 11:31]
[In reply to yu zhang]
2)At this early stage we just wanted to keep things simple, season attributes will play a part in our future gameplay. They will matter to how you’ll be playing the game.

  1. We won’t limit game scalability with land owners only, but sure, land owners definitely our priorities. We’ll be making big changes in our gameplay and game economy in coming updates, as already mentioned.

Azevedo 🧩 (Nunca chamo no privado), [11/10/2021 10:52]
Are you considering mac users on next time? We are out of all benefits is happening

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:31]
[In reply to Azevedo 🧩 (Nunca chamo no privado)]
Yes mac is testing now and we will have mac version soon

Carlos, [11/10/2021 10:52]
Are you going yo add more social features? Like a town where players could meet and chat, and show their skins and pets. Also add the possiblity to visit others players lands.

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:32]
[In reply to Carlos]
Yes it’s our future plas as we mentioned before

Isaac ., [11/10/2021 10:52]
Will be the default land fully open in the future?? Players without land does not have enougth plot to really play the game. And i think this will attract make more people

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:33]
[In reply to Isaac .]
Yes we are considerate this, many also have suggested us

AndoniM, [11/10/2021 10:51]
Put the prize of everything in WANA / WAI, stop having it controlled by dollar prize.
Make people PAY good ammount for the stuff ingame.
Make land owners pay BIG MONEY for land upgrade…
Make taxes for the non land owners when getting WAI out of the game. 50% fee or sthing and give them more land plots

Ca’Koin | Wanaka 🎏| I never DM you first, [11/10/2021 11:33]
[In reply to AndoniM]

CaKoin-CMO (Host):Thank you for everybody for all the questions and suggestions, we have reviewed all and try our best to recover our game. We will continue to update news from dev and make AMA frequently to answer to your questions Now we will go back to work.

the chat will remain mute for 1h so you guys can read all the Q&A. The recap will be posted later on our medium. Thank you for your time

Truong Tran-CEO: do you want to add anything?

Truong Tran-CEO: On behalf of Wanaka Farm, I apologize to the community for the incident that occurred. We’ve found some solutions to fix. May you continue to support and give us another opportunity to correct our mistakes and come back stronger to meet the expectations of the community.

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